5 Ways to spy on cell phone
5 Ways to spy on cell phone

Get the best Ways to spy on a cell phone

Hey guys! Welcome to this article. This article is special in many aspects because through this you are able to spy your loved ones and siblings without getting caught. Another reason why this is the right place for you is that it consists of top 5 ways that teach you to spy on a cell phone. Thus, you can spy cell phone secretly. All the apps presented are legitimate to use that means there is no jailbreak. Moreover, they are easy to handle and without anyone’s help, you can operate it. So, be ready to uncover all the five ways to spy cell phone. Let us get right to the core of this article.

Wait, wait …wait! Before you are directly jumped into those ways, let me inform you some of the important things regarding the cell phone spying. In the market, you will come across numerous ways to spy. This article will not allow you to fall into the dirty and hazardous trap of illegal websites that claim to offer legitimated services but hardly achieve the same.

The article is also written because in the past years, issues like losing personal and professional data from user phone. However, all the five methods mentioned here don’t take in any of the information from the user side and offer free of cost service.

Moreover, the entire reliable application list presents you loyal results with accurate timing. The apps are 100% undetectable apart from the fact that it is reliable and offer unique characteristics features. You are offered with a basic knowledge that makes the spying ideal. You are also presented with functions and reliability certificate once you are logged into the site. All the software present is 100% tested and users don’t have to surf for another spying tool on internet. So, get the reviews from the app list and have it online.

Top five rated software with smooth working

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

Website: https://xyspy.com

XySpy is considered one of the next generation powerful software which is best for professional and personal spying requirements. It is capable of tracking a suspect cell phone in three easy to follow steps and it works in hidden mode so as to work effectively. The user is offered ample features that provide complete monitoring of the suspect device. The XySpy application is able to work well on devices blackberry, android, iOS, and other known devices too. No matter which device is popular and famous among users it is capable of working at its full speed.

Who all can use it

Parents-parents can use it to track kid’s activities and see what he or she is doing on WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc. Since everyone has account on social media, your kid might have more than one for another purpose that can be known using this app.

Spouse-the spouse can operate it so as to see what’s going wrong in the relationship. You can track your partner location and messages. The late-night message can be tracked even if the partner wakes at 3 AM you will still get a notification of it.

Company– company boss can take help of it so that all the deals and projects are kept safe from the rival company. Boss can keep an eye over the suspect for details like what gossip the employee makes in the lunchtime. This way a lot of things can be known about the suspect.

If you are an average person and you don’t know anything about the technology then you can start with XySpy first. It is no jailbreaking software that has lots of features and it causes no trouble. It can extract or absorb desired data or information from the suspect device. You can read all the messages, and chats with a good and reliable internet connection.

The application is completely free of cost as mentioned above so it is best for spying for iPad and iPhone. It also provides services such as good customer support that is open 24×7. Do the best-legitimated software have any features? Yes, look below.

GPS tracker– the powerful and innovative software makes the tracking of GPS location easier. It not only identifies the current location but also other location in some point in time. It will notify everything including the info of location, date, and time.

Call spying– the call recording feature is the most common and trendy feature available till date when it comes to installing the spying software. The feature is capable of gathering information such as time, date of the call, and duration of call along with basic info such as the mobile number of another person. All these things are extracted by the software.

SMS monitors– The SMS or text message monitoring feature tracks al the outgoing, incoming as well as deleted messages. All the messages, photos, videos and documents shared get tracked using this feature. The control panel collects all the data and it can even be saved on iCloud.

Access instant messenger chats– one of the common way of communicating nowadays available in the market is instant messengers. The sender/receiver’s number, message content, shared multimedia files, and other important details can be fetched easily using this feature. Common social media applications that are both famous and popular are WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Skype. You can trace all the messages, photos, and starred messages using this feature.

Remote control– you are free to control all the applications present on the suspect device. This avoids issue of being around the suspect all the time. Once the app is commanded to operate, it will work remotely and perform all spying activities itself.

Access multimedia files– This spying software fetches multimedia, photos, videos, files using this feature. The target device is set on mode so that all the information can be collected with the latest updates plus with notifications.

Just stopover the site xyspy.com and make an account on it so as to download the app. The site contains all the essential details such as privacy policy, and about the developer.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

Another trustworthy, as well as legal spying software on the web with unique features, is TheTruthSpy. Some of the amazing features are browser history, call monitoring, SMS monitoring, hacking multimedia files, and GPS location. It is entirely compatible with iOS, Android, and another device type. The app is 100% undetectable and it is capable of storing all the information or data about the suspect on the dashboard. The site will provide a guide on downloading and installing the software on your device through instructions. You can enable options so as for download and install TheTruthSpy if you feel any of the trouble in downloading.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy

Website: https://freephonespy.net

Among the entire app, the FreePhoneSpy is the best fit application on the web. It has the most powerful software ever built for spying.  It is an ideal utility app that takes you into the deep so as to extract information. You can spy on text messages and iMessage better as compared to other applications. It not only supports iOS but also supports Android devices and provides a perfect workplace for users. In the market, there is little compatible software present, and this is among those.

The features are similar to other spying apps such as GPS location tracking, SMS message tracking, ambient listening, Notification, and alert.

#4 FoneTracker

Website: https://fonetracker.com

One of the inexpensive and user-friendly spying tools in the market is FoneTracker that provides all best choice features on both Android and iPhone devices. It can perform multiple activities like browser history, text messages, text photos, and access information remotely. It provides excellent customer service with live answering features to users. You can get an auto-forward app for at least 3 days absolutely for free. Later if you think it is the best spying tool that fits your budget then you can get it at $59.95. The app charges nothing on monthly basis rather one-time investment is needed.

#5 TrackMyPhone

Website: https://trackmyphone.net

The TrackMyPhone is made using the utmost level of technology. The app could be an ideal choice if you want to have no jailbreaking app on your device. There would be no trouble if you get to see all the features of it. The software offers numerous features and you don’t have to download it on the suspect device. One of the toughest application drawbacks is eradicated in this app. The information and data can be extracted just after the installation and downloading process is completed.

Just make sure you have good internet connection, and everything you are supposed to do is sit on the couch and get all the details on your cell phone or tablet.


Out of the entire top 5 five ways to spy on iPhone or Android device, the XySpy is the best and the most renowned across the globe. You can land on the site and make a valid account using password and username. After that, you can freely spy from your account. Hence, you can do incredible things using the spying app no matter whether you are a spouse or parent.

Review: 5 Ways to spy on cell phone
  • #1 XySpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 FreePhoneSpy
  • #4 FoneTracker
  • #5 TrackMyPhone


5 Ways to spy on cell phone

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